About Us


Professional Coaching and Competition

Our staff is comprised of experienced veteran coaches at every age group. Your child will receive high level instruction from coaches who have high school, collegiate  and professional experience. 



Included in our cost are 6 tournaments! Depending on the age and skill of the players, there may be overnight tournaments. 


Fully Insured

Diplomat Basketball is a legally registered LLC and is fully insured. You can ensure our organization handles any sort of incident in a professional manner and by following correct protocol.


Diplomat Fall/Winter Rates

Our program is priced at a rate of $350, including the following:

  • Professional coaching at all levels, including high level skills training
  • 6 Tournaments*
  • Uniform Reversibles
  • 12-15 Private Practices*
  • High Level Skills Training
  • Insurance

*Diplomat Basketball is NOT responsible for any travel-related costs associated with any tournament (local or overnight).


Team Fees


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